The extension meant grant recipients would have to make do with less in the future, according to the minister.

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced the extension of the social relief of distress grant to March 2024 during his Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement address in Parliament on Wednesday.

Other grant recipients would have to make do with less over time, according to the minister.

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Godongwana said the National Treasury hadn’t figured out how it would replace or finance a temporary grant, which was called the COVID-19 grant. 7 at the moment. The grant is given to 4 million people.


A) Office Admin Jobs

B) Retail stores vacancies

C) General worker Jobs

D) Cleaning vacancies

E) Jobs WITHOUT grade 12

F)  Government Jobs

G) Learnership/internships


More stringent criteria resulted in the unspent R 2 billion allocated for this purpose. Making it permanent would require trade-offs, according to Godongwana.

It is important to point out that any permanent extension or replacement requires a combination of both permanent increases in revenue, reductions in spending elsewhere or a combination of the two.

Fiscal consolidation will not be impacted by the latest extension, but more extensions will involve difficult financing decisions.

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The R350 Social Help of Misery (SRD) Award is being stretched out for an extra year until Walk 2024, Money Priest Enoch Godongwana declared on Wednesday.

Introducing his medium term financial plan strategy explanation to Parliament, Godongwana said: “The SRD award was presented in May 2020 as a brief measure to answer the requirements of the most weak who were impacted by lockdown measures. It has been broadened a few times from that point forward. Conversations on the fate of the award are on-proceeding to include undeniably challenging compromises and supporting choices.”

Yet, a great many individuals who used to get the award have not been getting it since April, due to an enormous drop in endorsements by the South African Government backed retirement Organization (SASSA).

SASSA says the quantity of individuals supported for the award dove from 10.9 million in Spring to just shy of 4.8 million in April.

The quantity of utilizations likewise declined abruptly during this period, from practically 15.8 million applications in Spring to 8.1 million in April.

Applications and endorsements have both ascended since Spring however have still not arrived at the constraint of 10.5 million set by the Branch of Social Turn of events (DSD). In August, the quantity of utilizations was a little more than 12 million and the quantity of endorsements 7.4 million, SASSA said in light of a parliamentary inquiry.

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Concerns encompassing this decline were raised by the Organization for Financial Equity (IEJ). During a show recently fellow benefactor Neil Coleman expressed that since Spring, almost 33% of the financial plan for the SRD award installments was not spent.

Coleman said that the underspending was a genuine issue in light of the fact that “these awards are focused on the least fortunate South Africans, near the precarious edge of desperation and yearning”.

He said the justification for the unexpected decrease in endorsements was the means test limit of R350 which rejected a ton of potential recipients, the rigid bank check necessities, and the way that applications must be made through a web-based framework.

The spending plan cap of 10.5 million endorsements was presented by the DSD in Spring. The DSD’s spending plan for 2022/23 for the R350 award was R44-billion, accommodating 10.5 million award installments each month. This is regardless of the DSD’s own figures showing that 13.4 million individuals have no pay and 18.3 million individuals live beneath the food neediness line of R624 each month.

The edge for qualification for the award was lifted to R624 a month in August after common society association the Dark Scarf, addressed by the Middle for Applied Legitimate Examinations (CALS), prosecuted DSD Clergyman Lindiwe Zulu to challenge the “unjustifiable” and “erratic” guidelines which rejected great many recipients from getting the award.

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Dark Scarf Public Promotion Director Hoodah Abrahams-Fayker let GroundUp know that notwithstanding the progressions in the qualification models there was still proof “that the use of the guidelines is as yet barring millions that require the award and it is by plan”.

“There are still millions that are requiring social help,” said Abrahams-Fayker.

A few common society associations, including the Dark Band, the IEJ, the CALS, and others, have been approaching government to make the award long-lasting and increment it to something like R624.

In a press proclamation today, the Dark Scarf it had been immersed with calls from individuals requesting that how demonstrate their qualification.

“It is disheartening that this award has not arrived at the people who need it the most in light of authoritative difficulties, rigid qualification measures, obsolete data sets bringing about erroneous dismissals, delays with installment and postponements with reevaluations and requests,” the Dark Band said.

Replies to GroundUp’s inquiries concerning the drop in endorsements had not been gotten from the DSD or SASSA at the hour of distribution

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