Breaking news: SA’s first-ever mopane worm chocolate

Have you tasted the new product in the market that is inspired by the delicacy of Limpopo mopane worms? There is online buzz about an inventive woman who makes chocolate bars out of mopane worms.

Wendy Ntimbani is the founder of the first ever mopane worm chocolate that has gotten everyone talking, and was talked to by Kaya Biz with Gugulethu Mfuphi.

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Wendy gave out her retirement fund to start the business in November of 2021, she has a degree in chemical engineering and a Master of Business Administration.

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She lives in South Africa but has a passion for running businesses and she is well-known on social media as the owner of a company that makes mopane worm chocolates.

You can use Matomani’s range of hand-picked mopane worms, biscuits, and flour to make delicious baked goods, such as pizzas, muffins, cookies, and bread.

The business was founded last year and will celebrate one year in December. The main goal of this business was to educate people about the benefits of mopane worms and to make them aware of its accessibility.

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The Mopane trees are found in the northern part of the mopane district and are mostly home to the Mopane worms. It has a good amount of fibre, iron and minerals, which we need to function as people.

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