Can you work as Receptionist? Spring Centre is hiring

Receptionist needed to start

A receptionist is needed to start immediately who has knowledge of Pastel and Microsoft Office. The successful candidate will be responsible for answering calls, assisting customers, invoicing, quotations and filing. Candidates must be over the age of 30 and have no criminal record. Salary NEG

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Receptionist DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES   (1) It is your duty to provide service in a manner that promotes safety and comfort. The Department encourages you not only be respectful, but also considerate of other drivers or pedestrians.

You must always try every way possible – if something seems impossible then don’t hesitate! However it’s important for the customer/driver to feel comfortable with their driver so they should at least start off by showing them around when asked about driving directions. Also make sure there is enough parking available on site during busy times; however many cars can get stuck over parked due too much traffic! 

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The receptionist is trained as an appropriate and competent English speaking telephone service provider; provides necessary communications services to all callers in the community, particularly those with disabilities who must communicate at a very high volume or when using special skills such more advanced techniques/technology beyond that used by most people without disability

responds to calls from deaf individuals and persons relying on hearing aids either via audio communication between both parties or through spoken language if available. Receptions are held only within acceptable hours of receiving our automated text message (ATS) messages which notify us immediately upon receipt.

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