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Want a better job or a higher salary? Then you need to know how to impress your boss. We asked 2 bosses what impresses them.

It’s all very nicely for us to inform you how to galvanize your boss and get the job you want. But why hear to us when you can get the interior information from the genuine bosses themselves? Which is precisely what we did.

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The first boss we spoke to is Esmaré Weideman, CEO of Media24 (the organization in the back of many of SA’s largest magazines, such as You, Huisgenoot, Drum, Fairlady, Sarie, Destiny, Heat and Men’s Health).

The 2nd is Simon Arcus, Managing Director of his personal device and hardware company, Oswald Bros. (Pty) Ltd. With over 70 employees, he’s discovered that a few easy matters can make the distinction between getting the job you prefer and getting caught in the incorrect job.

Need tips? Here’s what impresses each bosses:

In a CV
Make it effortless to read. Use bullet factors and quick sentences, use daring fonts to make positive matters stand out, maintain paragraphs brief and house matters out so they don’t appear overcrowded
Say the essential stuff first. Don’t begin with your college marks and your first job at the fish-and-chip shop, says Simon. Put your most recent, most applicable work trip first
Pay interest to detail. “One spelling mistake and that CV lands in my garbage bin, besides fail,” says Esmaré

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Stand out. Your boss is possibly searching thru a pile of CVs, so you want to make yours memorable. How? By writing a brilliant overlaying letter. “It’s your chance to stand out from the rest, so use it!” says Esmaré. “Make it less difficult for the character going via the CVs to choose yours!”

In an interview
Make eye contact. “Eye contact tells me that I’m shaking arms with anyone confident,” says Simon. “When you introduce yourself, use a company handshake – however don’t fracture my fingers!”
Make a desirable first impression. “


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Be on time, be neatly dressed (no lacking buttons, please!), be fascinated and enthusiastic,” says Esmaré. “With younger humans getting into the workforce, what interviewers are searching for is a bit of avenue savvy, an indication that you will be capable to characteristic in the place of business besides too an awful lot hand-holding.”

Be assured (but no longer arrogant). Stand up straight, smile and be yourself
Time the money-talk. If you choose to talk about your revenue – which is truthful adequate – make positive you time it right. Ideally, wait for the boss to deliver it up, however if he doesn’t, wait till the quit of the dialogue – and solely carry it up if the boss appears fascinated in hiring you.

And remember, as soon as you begin incomes your newly negotiated salary; make it work tougher for you with the aid of incomes most activity and paying minimal charges on your financial institution account.

When you ask for a merchandising or a raise
Make it a win-win situation.

A higher job or a greater profits can also advantage you (if you use it wisely), however your boss won’t go for it until it advantages the commercial enterprise too. “You’ll sincerely get a merchandising if you can convey some thing to the birthday party that isn’t already there,” says Simon. “Tell me what you can do that isn’t being done, or how you would enhance things, specially financially.”


Show you recognize what’s involved. If you desire a promotion, make it clear that you recognize what your new job would entail. “You want to be conscious of your very own capabilities and contribution to the company,” says Esmaré. “It’s simpler to negotiate with anyone who is informed, real looking and direct.”

Be easy and honest. It’s our motto and it must be yours too. Say matters honestly and be trustworthy about what you can and can’t do

Again, be confident. “You want to make me experience positive that it’s a proper decision,” says Simon. “Show me that you have the ability, capacity, enthusiasm and a realistic measure of experience. You can continually be skilled in the details.”

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