Sassa grants will be terminated. This is due to the fact that the government is not able to fund them anymore

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What is the latest SASSA news?

  • Sassa Grants Will Be Cut In 2024, Says DA
  • The recently published budget breakdown shows that certain social grants will be affected as of 1 March 2024. This will, in turn affect millions of South Africans who rely on those grants.

On web page 35 of the 2023 price range review, the ANC authorities shows that it will completely abolish the social comfort of misery supply on 1 March 2024. Cuts to different can provide are positive to comply with as the economic disaster triggered by way of ANC corruption continues to escalate

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is presently being inundated with complaints about the escalating disaster related to the government’s incapacity to pay social grants.

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Vulnerable beneficiaries of the Child Support Grant, Old Age Pension and Disability Grants have been an increasing number of grew to become away from SASSA pay-points because November 2022. Today, they are sincerely being advised that there is no cash in their accounts.


In this context, the DA can expose that the ANC government’s developing failure to pay life-sustaining social delivers may additionally now not be an accident. In fact, the these days posted finances displays that the ANC plans to begin loadshedding the social delivers that impoverished human beings count on to continue to exist in the 2024/2025 economic year, which begins on 1 March 2024.

On web page 35 of the 2023 price range review, the ANC authorities suggests that it will totally abolish the social comfort of misery supply on 1 March 2024. Cuts to different promises are positive to comply with as the monetary disaster induced by using ANC corruption continues to escalate.

The motives for this are obvious. Decades of ANC theft and corruption capacity that the authorities has now run out of cash for grants, in exactly the identical way that corruption at Eskom brought about our u . s . to run out of electricity.

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Just like they are loadshedding your electricity, the ANC will begin loadshedding your social offers on 1 March 2024.

As with electrical energy loadshedding, the ANC’s design to take away social provides ought to plunge our u . s . a . even deeper into chaos. 18 million South Africans count number on social can provide to preserve themselves and their families.

In response to the ANC’s intention to imminently begin loadshedding social grants, the DA is working on an emergency diagram to make sure social supplies stay funded. The DA no longer solely deeply cares about defending social offers from the ANC’s design to take them away, however we are additionally the solely celebration with the confirmed capacity to responsibly control public price range to make sure social offers are sustainably and reliably paid on time for years to come.

That many years of corruption has now precipitated the ANC authorities to run out of cash for grants, is additionally an pressing reminder that they need to be voted out to shop our country.


The appropriate information is that a countrywide election will take region at precisely the equal second that the ANC will take away social delivers in March 2024. It is at this election that voters can guard social delivers via vote casting for a accountable and non-corrupt DA authorities that will make certain there will constantly be cash to fund life-saving grants.

Only a new authorities constructed round the prudent economic administration that the DA is well-known for, will be capable to make sure that we forestall the ANC’s diagram to take away social grants. South Africans from all walks of life, together with provide beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries who apprehend the urgency of defending social offers to make certain social stability, now want to unite at the back of a new, caring DA government.