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Clover is the biggest employer in the Dairy Industry in South Africa and has been ranked in the Rep Trask study for the past two years  as the most Reputable and the Ideal Company to work for. For more than a century Clover has steadily built itself up as a premium brand based on quality products and through the very special relationships it fosters with all the business partners and employees who travel with us on our success journey.

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At Clover, we believe that our success is built on the relationships we foster with our employees, partners, and customers. We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where passionate and ambitious people can come together and achieve excellence. We believe that this makes Clover the best company to work for.

The Clover Values of Respect, Integrity, Fairness, Responsibility and Accountability form the basis of a Corporate Culture that is again greater than a century old, and an environment where intelligence is recognized, grown and valued. This forms the building blocks for the success of personal and professional excellence.

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Clover’s success lies in its human beings and the competence, diversity and dedication that they bring to the Clover Business. Approximately 9000 human beings have made Clover their home away from home and share our Way Better Vision and Mission. We’ve worked hard to build an inclusive business culture where passionate, dedicated and ambitious employees come together to live the Clover Values and realize a shared Vision.

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We are always looking for energetic and capable people who have the desire and passion to succeed in a business where speed, passion, and dedication are essential to gaining the competitive edge. Want to be a part of our dynamic team?

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  1. Hi team my name College Nakhwema from Malawi staying in South Africa looking for a job as a truck driver

  2. Hi. I am a qualified electrician, ETDP facilitator with National Diploma in ETD. Looking for a job as an electrician or technical instructor.

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