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SALARY : R125 373 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : King Hintsa TVET College

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 10/STD eight or any applicable equal certificates with at least one-year
experience as a General Worker. Any Technical Skill will be an added

DUTIES : Undertake things to do related with preserving cleanliness of designated
areas together with grounds and presenting help all through the relocation of office
furniture/equipment with laid down instructions. Receive verbal instructions
from the on the spot supervisor on the work software and/or priorities associated to
specific departments, verbal exchange on particular working material
requirements etc. Checking, replacing, repairing, and reporting faulty items
to the instant supervisor for attention. Ensure that areas that are services
are continually stored neat and tidy.

ENQUIRIES : Mr. O Kalimashe or Ms. P Soyizwapi Tel No: forty seven 401 6400

What is a laborer?
General workers are people who take up a number of aiding duties in warehouses, development websites or different settings (e.g. factories). According to this everyday laborer definition, these people can also have an essential helping position in establishing highways, constructions or different structures, and they may also additionally transport substances and equipment.

What does a laborer do?
General laborer responsibilities fluctuate relying on the placing they work in and their stage of specialization. They typically work in development the place they assist erect scaffolding, easy up web sites and help specialised employees such as painters and electricians. Occasionally, typical workers take up risky duties like dealing with chemical compounds or putting off lead from buildings. In these cases, you would possibly be required to time table coaching periods on working with hazardous substances safely.

General Laborer job obligations include:
Cleaning up worksites from particles and machinery
Helping erect scaffolding and ladders
Handling and transporting substances (e.g. cement)
As for typical laborer qualifications, there typically aren’t any academic requirements, however formal or casual apprenticeships through unions or contractors are common. Critical standard laborer abilities additionally consist of stamina, capacity to observe directions and dedication to safety.

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