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Position: Animal Health Assistant X3
Reference Number: LDARD 1/3/2024

Position: Cleaner X4
Mopani District: Mopani North Ref No: LDARD 2/3/2024
Towoomba Research Centre Ref No: LDARD 3/3/2024

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Position: General Worker (Redline Gate/Guard/Fence Patroller)
Reference Number: LDARD 4/3/2024
Location: Limpopo, South Africa
Closing Date: 31 May 2024 at 16h00

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Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer with clear employment equity targets.

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Applications are hereby invited for the filling of the vacant posts, which exist in the Limpopo Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as outlined on the attached “Annexure A”. Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

LDARD 1/3/2024
Re-advertisement, those who applied before need to re-apply
SALARY : R183 279 per annum (Level 04)
CENTRE : Mopani District: Mopani North

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 or equivalent qualification. A valid driver’s license (with exception of people with disabilities). Knowledge, Competencies and skills: Good communication skills. Ability of mixing dip stuff, cleaning and re-assemble syringes, handling of veterinary tools and equipment. Experience in handling of cattle, small stock and poultry. Ability to read and write. Interpersonal, communication, evaluation persuasion, time management, conflict management.

DUTIES : Assist to implement disease control measures. Assist to improve animal health through biosecurity, vaccination and surveillance for disease and treatment of animals. Assist in collecting specimen, examination and dispatch samples of animal diseases. Assist in the provision of extension services on animal health to animal owners.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. Malatjie MA Tel No: (015) 812 3210 or Ms. Nkuna NS Tel No: (015) 812 2275

Re-advertisement, those who applied before need to re-apply
SALARY : R131 265 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Mopani District: Mopani North Ref No: LDARD 2/3/2024 (X1 Post)
Towoomba Research Centre Ref No: LDARD 3/3/2024 (X3 Posts)

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 10 or equivalent qualification. Ability to read and write. Knowledge,
Competencies and Skills: Communication skills. Good interpersonal relations and knowledge of Batho Pele Principles. Knowledge of cleaning
products/materials and equipment’s. Knowledge of operating cleaning equipment. Good interpersonal skills. Ability to work under pressure.
Teamwork. Client focus and responsiveness. Be able to perform manual work.

Show commitment and loyalty. Must be punctual, productive and show good behaviour towards customers. Knowledge of Batho Pele Principle. Health and safety measures. Working procedures in respect of working environment.

DUTIES : Cleaning of offices, storerooms, corridors, elevators, and boardrooms. Dust and take out waste and providing water during meetings. Refill aqua cooler/s.

Washing walls and windows. Cleaning equipment and machinery. Cleaning windows and all general kitchen utensils. Scrubbing toilets and polishing office floors. Vacuum cleaning using vacuum machine. Provide toilet paper in the toilets. Keep and maintain cleaning materials and equipments.

ENQUIRIES : Mopani District: Ms. Malatjie MA Tel No: (015) 812 3210 or Ms. Nkuna NS Tel No: (015) 812 2275
Towoomba Research Centre: Mr. Mabula NJ Tel No: (015) 294 3582, Ms. Mtswene PV Tel No: (015)294 3395, Ms. Mothapo RL Tel No: (015) 294 3235 or Ms. Kgobe MA Tel No: (015) 294 3587

REF NO: LDARD 4/3/2024 (X3 POSTS)
Re-advertisement, those who applied before need to re-apply
SALARY : R131 265 per annum (Level 02)
CENTRE : Mopani District: Mopani North

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 8 / ABET level 2 or equivalent qualification. Knowledge, Competencies and Skills: Basic literacy and numeracy. Able to read and write. Knowledge of security services. Communication skills. Good interpersonal relations. Report writing.

DUTIES : To perform routine manual farming activities. Control over movement of cloven hooved animals. Stop, register and search vehicles from the redline area.

Check meat, dairy products, dung, grass, hides, skins, etc. Confiscate all products listed in (ii) above. Open and close the gate. Report confiscated
products to the supervisor for further attention. Conduct fence patrol. Routine check of the redline fence. Repairs of fence breakage. Trace animal tracks along the redline fence. Clear bushes along the redline fence. Control over quarantined animals. Check permits for animals to be quarantined. Liaise with the Animal Health Technician for inspections. Keep records. Keep permit register. Keep register for quarantined animals. Keep register for vehicle movement.

ENQUIRIES : Ms. Malatjie MA Tel No: (015) 812 3210 or Ms. Nkuna NS Tel No: (015) 812 2275

APPLICATIONS : Applicants must quote the relevant reference number on the application and forward to the below addresses:

Towoomba Research Centre: The Head of Department, Limpopo Agriculture and Rural Development, Private Bag X9487, Polokwane, 0700 or hand delivered to: Office 48, Temo Towers Floor 2, 67/69 Biccard Street, Polokwane, 0699.

Mopani District: The Director: Mopani District; Limpopo Agriculture and Rural Development, Private Bag X577, Giyani, 0826 or hand delivered to: Old Parliamentary Building, Giyani 0826.

CLOSING DATE : 31 May 2024 @ 16H00.


NOTE : Applications should be submitted on the prescribed 2021 Z83 form obtainable from all Government Departments or can be downloaded from

Applicants must utilize the most recent Z83 application for employment form as issued by the Minister for the Public Service and Administration in line with Regulation 10 of the Public Service Regulation, 2016, as amended, failure to do so will results in disqualification.

The z83 form must be fully completed, duly signed, dated, and initialed by the applicant. The following must be considered in relation to completion of the new z83 form by the applicants: All the fields in Part A, Part C and Part D should be completed. In Part B, all fields must be completed in full except the following; South African applicants need not provide passport numbers, If an applicant responds “no” to the question “ Are you conducting business with the State or are you a Director of a Public or Private Company conducting business with the State?” then the answer to the next question “In the event that you are employed in the Public Service, will you immediately relinquish such business interests?” can be left blank or indicated as not applicable.

A “not applicable” or blank response will be allowed on the question “if your profession or occupation requires official registration, provide date and particulars of registration” if you are not in possession of such registration. Noting there is limited space provided for Part E, F & G, applicants
often indicate “refer to Curriculum Vitae (CV) or see attached”, this is acceptable as long as the CV has been attached and provides the required
information. If the information required is not provided in the CV, the applicant may be disqualified. It must be noted that a CV is an extension of the application of employment Z83, and applicants are accountable for the information that is provided therein. The question related to conditions that prevent re-appointment under Part F must be answered. The declaration should be completed and signed.

The application must include only completed and signed Z83 form and A recently updated comprehensive CV (with detailed previous experience). Certified copies of the Identity Document, and the required qualification as well as a driver’s license where necessary, will only be submitted by shortlisted candidates to HR on or before the date of the interview date.

The applicant may submit additional information separately where the space provided on z83 form is not sufficient. Applicants who apply for more
than one position are requested to submit separate applications for each position they wish to apply for.

Correspondence will be limited to short-listed
candidates only due to the large number of applications we envisage receiving and if you have not heard from us within 90 days of the closing date, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful. However, should there be any dissatisfaction, applicants are hereby advised to, within 90 days, request reasons from the Department for any administrative action which has adversely affected them in terms of section 5(1)(2) of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000.

By virtue of applying, you are consenting that the department should subject you to personnel suitability checks e.g. the verification of educational qualifications, previous experience, citizenship, reference checks, financial check and security vetting. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have all foreign qualifications evaluated by SAQA and to provide proof of such evaluation report (only when shortlisted).

Successful incumbents will be expected to sign a performance agreement within three months of the assumption of duty and be required to disclose their financial interest in accordance with the prescribed regulations. Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in the disqualification of the application.

The Department reserves the right not to make any appointment for the advertised posts. The employment decision shall be informed by the Employment Equity Plan of the Department. Note: Due to austerity measures, the department will not carry any related costs (transport, accommodation, and meals) for candidates attending interviews.


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  • Some assistants specialize in certain areas, such as legal, medical, or marketing.
  • The average salary for an assistant varies depending on experience, education, and location.
  • Assistants may receive benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans.
  • Some assistants work from home, while others are required to be physically present in an office or other location.
  • Many assistants are highly valued by their employers and are trusted with important tasks and decisions.
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