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Unlocking the Path to Becoming an Invigilator or Examination Assistant in 2024

What Does It Take to Become an Invigilator or Examination Assistant?

Have you ever considered playing a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of examinations? The positions of invigilators and examination assistants require individuals who are detail-oriented, responsible, and adept at ensuring a fair testing environment. As an invigilator or examination assistant, you will be tasked with supervising exam venues, assisting with the distribution of exam materials, and upholding the rules and regulations of the examination process.


What will my responsibilities as a teacher’s assistant be?
As stated above, these will vary according to the level of your post, and what the teacher you’re assisting wants you to do on a
day-to-day basis, But in general a teacher’s assistant’s job usually comprises the following responsibilities:
Overseeing and helping with the teaching activities in the classroom.
Helping the teacher with lesson planning and admin duties.
Creating displays and getting the classroom and resources ready for lessons.
Supporting the teacher in managing difcult pupil behaviour and fostering positive behaviour and attitudes

You can:

Making sure that the pupils understand, get involved in and focus on the work in class.
Giving the pupils emotional support and encouragement, and guiding and monitoring their progress.
Reporting any current or developing problems learners may be experiencing so these can be addressed in good time.
Engaging with and listening to pupils who need help or are upset, sad or worried.
Overseeing pupils’ reading activities, reading to them and telling them stories.
Helping outside the classroom with after-school activities and clubs, school functions, school trips or other school-related

Helping with revision and exams
Invigilator Responsibilities:
Dressing in a manner that does not create visual, auditory, or olfactory distractions.
Handing out test papers and answer booklets before the test begins.
Patrolling the test venue to maintain a steady but calm presence.
Surveying the area to perceive abnormal activity.
Acting on cheating and other violations to the rules in a nondisruptive manner.
Providing students with additional answer booklets upon request.
Accompanying students to the restrooms and conrming that they have signed the register to monitor movements and
suspicious behavior.

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Collecting test papers and scripts per students’ individual requests and at the end of the test period.
Counting submissions to ensure that all are present and neatly organized.
Transporting all pertinent materials to predetermined drop-off points in a safe manner.
Invigilator Requirements:
High school diploma.

Knowledge of sound test and invigilation procedures.
Ability to remain discreet while maintaining a presence.
Outstanding fact-checking and improvisational skills.
Strong monitoring, investigating, and communication abilities.
Sensitive to test-related anxiety.
Willing to invigilate evening tests.

  • Candidates are to please indicate campus preference and whether they are applying to be Invigilators or Examination
    Assistants by using the reference numbers indicated below:
    – Mashamba Campus- Invigilator
    Examination Assistant:-
    Makwarela Campus:
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Malc/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Mak/Ass/002
    Tshisimani Campus
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Tshi/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Tshi/Ass/002
    Thengwe Campus
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Theng/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Theng/Ass/002
    Shingwedzi Campus
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Shin/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Shin/Ass/002
    Mavhoi Campus
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Mav/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Mav/Ass/002
    Musina Campus
    Invigilator: Ref.no.Mus/Invig/001
    Examination Assistant: Ref.no.Mus/Ass/002
    Vacancy Conditions :
    Minimum Standard 10 /Grade 12 and recognised 3 years Diploma/Degree or equivalent.
    Additional requirement for Examinations Assistants: Experience in invigilating for 4 (four) examination cycles
    Vhembe TVET College invites all interested candidates who wish to be Invigilators or Examination Assistants during College
    examinations to submit their CVs via email at [email protected]
    Applications Deadline : 19 April 2024
Examination Assistant

Qualifications and Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a role as an invigilator or examination assistant in 2024, certain qualifications and eligibility criteria must be met. Typically, candidates are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work well under pressure. Previous experience in an invigilation or examination setting may be advantageous but is not always necessary.

The Rewarding Experience of Being an Invigilator or Examination Assistant

Becoming an invigilator or examination assistant can be a rewarding experience that allows you to contribute to the smooth running of examinations and the academic success of students. By upholding the integrity of the examination process, you play a vital role in ensuring fairness and equality for all test-takers.

Examination Assistant is a software tool designed to assist educators in the process of designing, administering, and grading exams. This software is commonly used in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. The purpose of Examination Assistant is to streamline the examination process, making it more efficient and effective for both educators and students.

One of the key features of Examination Assistant is its ability to generate exams based on specific criteria. Educators can input the type and difficulty level of questions they want to include in the exam, and the software will generate a custom exam that meets these requirements. This saves educators a significant amount of time compared to manually creating exams.

Another important feature of Examination Assistant is its ability to administer exams digitally. Students can take the exam on a computer or tablet, and the software automatically grades the exam once it is completed. This eliminates the need for educators to manually grade exams, which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Examination Assistant also provides detailed analytics on exam results, which can be used to identify areas where students may be struggling. Educators can use this information to adjust their teaching methods and help students improve their performance.

In summary, Examination Assistant is a valuable tool for educators who want to streamline the examination process and improve the accuracy of exam grading. Its features make it a useful addition to any educational institution looking to enhance the learning experience for their students.


If you are passionate about upholding academic standards, maintaining exam integrity, and supporting the educational journey of students, consider applying for the positions of invigilator or examination assistant in 2024. By following the steps outlined above and showcasing your skills and qualifications, you can embark on a fulfilling role that makes a difference in the lives of many. Apply today and unlock the door to a rewarding career in invigilation and examination assistance.

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