Former Muvhango actress Florence Masebe has temporarily replaced actress Harriet Manamela in Skeem Saam

Skeem Saam : Florence Masebe will temporarily replace Harriet Manamela as Meiki Maputla on SABC1’s Skeem Saam from 15 May 2024, until the end of season


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Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela confirms that Florence Masebe has joined Skeem Saam as Meikie Maputla.

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“Florence Masebe joins Skeem Saam as Meikie. Skeem Saam character of ‘Meikie Maputla’ played by Harriet Manamela will be replaced until the end of season 12 Skeem Saam,” said Mphela.

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Masebe is also known for her roles in 7de Laan, Muvhango, Generations, The Republic and many more.HARRIET MANAMELA: SICK LEAVE
Mphela adds that the fan-favourite actress Harriet Manamela got replaced by Florence Masebe when she became ill.

Skeem Saam

“Harriet Manamela, who needed to be placed on sick leave’s last scene for the season will air on the 5th of April 2024. From the 15th of May 2024 the character of ‘Meikie Maputla’ will temporarily be played by Florence Masebe,” added Mphela.

TVSA reports that Manamela was one of the original starring casts in the soapie when it debuted on SABC1 on 13 October 2011.The

Skeem Saam

The publication adds that Manamela became ill during filming of Season 12 of soapie in 2023. She was placed on sick leave for an extended period of time.

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