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The Role of Teacher Assistants and General Workers at Secondary School for Deaf

Overview of Positions

Teacher Assistants and General Workers, we are seeking dedicated individuals to join our team as Teacher Assistants and General Workers. These positions play crucial roles in providing support and maintaining the cleanliness of our school environment to ensure a conducive learning atmosphere for our students.


📌Teacher Assistants (Classroom Support)

📌General Workers (Cleaners)


Grade 12

Location: North West Secondary School for Deaf

Please send your cv to [email protected]

Requirements for Teacher Assistants

As a Teacher Assistant at North West Secondary School for Deaf, candidates must have a minimum qualification of Grade 12. The ideal candidates should have a passion for working with students, strong communication skills, and the ability to assist teachers in classroom activities and student supervision.

You can:

Responsibilities of Teacher Assistants

Teacher Assistants are responsible for supporting teachers in implementing lesson plans, providing one-on-one assistance to students with special needs, and helping to create a positive and inclusive learning environment. They play a vital role in the educational development and well-being of our students.

Requirements for General Workers

For the position of General Worker, candidates must also have a Grade 12 qualification. General Workers at our school are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in classrooms, hallways, and common areas. They ensure that our school facilities are clean and hygienic for the well-being of our students and staff.

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Responsibilities of General Workers

General Workers play a key role in ensuring that our school environment is safe, clean, and organized. They are responsible for tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and disinfecting surfaces to maintain a healthy learning environment. Their work is essential in supporting the overall operations of our school.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining our team as a Teacher Assistant or General Worker at North West Secondary School for Deaf, please send your CV to [email protected]. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our students and contributing to the success of our school community.

Teacher Assistants

Join us in creating a positive and supportive learning environment for students at North West Secondary School for Deaf. Your role as a Teacher Assistant or General Worker is instrumental in shaping the future of our students and ensuring the success of our school. Apply now and be part of our team!

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