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Training Program: Unleash Your Potential with Neasa Inservice 2024

What is Neasa Inservice Training?

Neasa Inservice Training is an 18-month program designed to provide individuals with hands-on experience and practical skills in their chosen field. This program offers a stipend of R3500 per month, with an increase of R800 every 6 months. The training is available in all provinces, making it accessible to individuals across the country.

Why Choose Neasa Inservice Training?

By participating in Neasa Inservice Training, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and enhance your skills in a real-world setting. The program is structured to ensure that participants receive comprehensive training and support throughout the 18-month period. With the monthly stipend and regular increases, you can focus on your professional development without financial worries.

You can:

NEASA is actively engaged in diverse skills development
programs, aiming to directly benefit your business while fostering
the growth of our nation’s youth.
Our members can access qualified Technical, Vocational,
Education, and Training (TVET) interns, serving as entry-level
resources for an 18-month period.

Funded by FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector
Education and Training Authority), these internships provide
students with a monthly stipend and travel allowance.

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  1. Office admin clerk (GRADE 12)
  2. Learnerships and Internships (Grade 9 and higher)
  3. General worker (Grade 10 and higher)
  4. Sassa Updates (Sassa payment dates and more)
  5. CV Upload (Upload cv for upcoming opportunities
  6. Other Jobs (Mixed job category all jobs)


Stipend: R3500 with an increase of R800 every 6 month

The prospective candidate needs to have one of the below
qualifications, obtained at a PUBLIC TVET College.
N6 Financial Management
N6 Business Management
N6 Management Assistant
N6 Human Resource Management
N6 Marketing Management
Location: All Provinces

Skills & Requirements
Computer Skills
Great communication skills
Great work ethics
High performer
Must be between ages of 18-34
Must be a south African citizen
Must be fluent in English

How to Apply for Neasa Inservice Training

To apply for Neasa Inservice, simply visit the official website and complete the online application form. Be sure to provide accurate information and showcase your passion for learning and growth. The selection process is competitive, so make sure to highlight your strengths and qualifications effectively.


Benefits of Neasa Inservice Training

Participating in Neasa Inservice can open doors to exciting career opportunities and personal growth. You will work alongside experienced professionals, gaining industry insights and practical knowledge that will set you apart in your field. The stipend provided ensures that you can focus on your development without financial constraints.

Take the First Step Towards Success

Embark on your journey to success with Neasa Inservice. This program is designed to help you reach your full potential and thrive in your chosen career path. With comprehensive training, valuable experience, and a supportive environment, you can achieve your goals and excel in your field. Apply now and unleash your potential with Neasa Inservice!

Learnerships are an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to acquire practical work experience while pursuing their studies. These programs are designed to provide learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen career paths.

There are several reasons why individuals should consider applying for learnerships. Firstly, learnerships provide a platform for learners to gain real-world experience in their chosen fields. This practical experience is invaluable as it enables learners to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios, thereby enhancing their understanding of the subject matter.

Secondly, learnerships are an excellent way to network with professionals in the industry. Learners have the opportunity to interact with experienced professionals, learn from them, and build relationships that can be beneficial in the future. These networks can provide learners with valuable insights into the industry, job opportunities, and career progression.

Thirdly, learnerships provide learners with a competitive edge in the job market. Employers value individuals who have practical work experience and can hit the ground running. Learnerships provide learners with this advantage, making them more attractive to potential employers.

Finally, learnerships offer learners the opportunity to earn a stipend while studying. This financial support can help alleviate the financial burden of studying and enable learners to focus on their studies and their future careers.

In conclusion, learnerships are an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to gain practical work experience, network with professionals, gain a competitive edge in the job market, and earn a stipend while pursuing their studies. Applying for learnerships is a smart choice for anyone who wants to excel in their chosen career path.

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