Breaking news: A 07 years old girl went missing : Noxolo Anele Ntuli

Breaking news: The community of Mvutshini is currently reeling from the disappearance of Noxolo Anele Ntuli, a young girl who has been missing since February 2, 2024. According to her elder sister, Xoliswa Ntuli, Noxolo was last seen at their home and has not been heard from since. The family is now appealing to the public for help in finding their beloved daughter and sister.

Breaking news

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The family of Ntuli in Mvutshini is asking for the search for their daughter Noxolo Anele Ntuli who was last seen on the 2nd February 2024. Her elder sister, Xoliswa Ntuli urges those who have the track to call on the numbers below.

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The Ntuli family from Mvutshini area is requesting anyone with information that can lead in finding their missing daughter. Noxolo Anele Ntuli 7, was last seen at her home on the 2nd of February 2024. Anyone with information is requested to contact the numbers below.

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Please contact 0737659329 0r 0836282047 for any leads. Thank You!

Breaking news

Noxolo Anele Ntuli is only seven years old, and her disappearance has left her family and friends devastated. The Ntuli family is urging anyone who may have any information about Noxolo’s whereabouts to come forward and help bring her home. They have provided two contact numbers for anyone who may have any leads, and they are asking the public to share the message widely so that as many people as possible can help in the search for Noxolo.

The disappearance of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, and the Ntuli family is no exception. They are desperate for any information that can help them find their daughter and bring her home safely. The community of Mvutshini has rallied around the family, offering their support and assistance in any way they can. Search parties have been organized, and volunteers are combing the area for any sign of Noxolo.

As the search for Noxolo continues, the Ntuli family is holding onto hope that their daughter will be found safe and sound. They are grateful for the outpouring of support from their community and are asking everyone to keep Noxolo in their thoughts and prayers. The family is urging anyone who may have any information about Noxolo’s disappearance to come forward and help bring her home to her family.

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