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General Worker: The salary for this position is R4,400.00.

General Worker: Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of a historical site? Madras Cemetery, located in Clairwood, Durban, is currently seeking a General Worker to join their team. If you have a passion for outdoor work and general maintenance, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.



As aWorker at Madras Cemetery, your responsibilities will include grass cutting, weeding, and general maintenance tasks.

You can:

Additionally, you will be responsible for opening and managing the cemetery’s email address, which is [email protected]. The salary for this position is R4,400.00.

If you have a proactive approach and enjoy working outdoors, this role offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of a historical site while gaining valuable experience in general maintenance and operations.

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General Worker

For more information and to apply for this position, please contact the cemetery directly at [email protected].

Join the Madras Cemetery team and be part of preserving our historical heritage!

The General at Madras Cemetery is an individual who plays a vital role in the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. This position is responsible for a variety of tasks that contribute to the overall appearance and functionality of the cemetery.

One of the key duties of the General Worker is to maintain the grounds of the cemetery. This includes mowing the lawns, trimming hedges and bushes, and ensuring that the flower beds are properly tended to. The General Worker must also ensure that all paths and walkways are clear of debris and that any potential hazards, such as fallen branches or uneven terrain, are promptly addressed.

Another important responsibility of the General Worker is to assist with the burial process. This may involve digging graves, placing caskets in the ground, and filling in the graves after the service has concluded. It is essential that the General Worker approaches this task with sensitivity and respect, as it is a difficult time for the families of those who have passed away.

General Worker

In addition to these duties, the General Worker is also responsible for maintaining the equipment and tools used in the cemetery. This includes ensuring that all machinery is properly serviced and maintained, and that all tools are clean and in good working condition. The General Worker must also keep an inventory of all tools and equipment, and ensure that any items that need to be replaced are promptly ordered.

Finally, the General Worker must be able to communicate effectively with visitors to the cemetery. This may involve providing directions to specific gravesites, answering questions about the cemetery’s history and layout, and providing guidance on appropriate behavior while on the grounds.

In summary, the General Worker at Madras Cemetery is a crucial role that requires a range of skills and responsibilities. From maintaining the grounds to assisting with burials and communicating with visitors, this position is essential for ensuring that the cemetery remains a peaceful and respectful place for all who visit.

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