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06 Wholesale and Retail Seta Learnerships in 2024: Qualify with Just Your Matric or Grade 10

What are Wholesale and Retail Learnerships?

Wholesale and Retail Learnerships are structured learning programs that allow you to gain a qualification while working at a company in the wholesale and retail sector. These learnerships are designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry, all while earning a salary.

Benefits of Wholesale and Retail Learnerships in 2024

1. Obtain a Qualification with Matric or Grade 10

One of the most significant advantages of Wholesale and Retail Learnerships is that they provide an opportunity to obtain a qualification using only your Matric or Grade 10. This makes it an accessible option for individuals who may not have pursued higher education but are eager to enhance their skill set and career prospects.

You can:

2. Gain Practical Work Experience

Learners are able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during the program into real-life working situations. This practical work experience is invaluable for personal and professional development, as it equips learners with the confidence and competence needed to excel in the workplace.

3. Access to a Salary

Unlike traditional studying, Wholesale and Retail Learnerships offer the benefit of earning a salary while gaining knowledge and skills. This provides financial stability and independence, making it an appealing option for those who wish to pursue career advancement without incurring substantial financial burdens.

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0.0 Value Logistics

Value Logistics offers an exciting opportunity for unemployed youth to join their learnership programme. This comprehensive programme is designed to provide practical training and work experience to young individuals who have completed Grade 12. If you are eager to kick-start your career in the logistics industry, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Apply: Value Logistics Learnership Application

01. Meridian Group 

Meridian offers NQF level 2 and level 3 Learnerships for unemployed learners in visual Merchandising through W&R Seta. They provide close mentorship, in store experience and employment opportunities to those learners who excel.

This company has offices based in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein and East London.

The stipend for Meridian learnerships is R3000 along with a bonus after completion.  To qualify for their learnerships you need to have at least Grade 10 or 12 qualification, also be willing to work during weekends.

Apply: Meridian Merchandising Learnership Application 

02.  ILearn 

ILearn offers a Wholesale & Retail – Operations NQF 2 Learnership. Even though this company has designated learnerships for specific periods. It is not quite clear if applications can be submitted anytime, unlike Meridian retail learnerships.

This qualification is geared towards individuals interested or involved in an organisation’s production technology function who have relevant experience but no formal qualifications. It also provides opportunities for people to move up the value chain.

So enrolling on this learnership is based on multiple factors such as period, experience and if ILearn offers the learnership programme for individuals at the current time you submit your application.

Use the link below to enquire about this learnership at ILearn website.

Apply: ILearn Wholesale and Retail Learnership Application 

03. RelatED 

Related is a company that focuses on training young to older people, by giving them mentorship, skills and retail connections including experience.

So basically you will be enrolled in a training programme that prepares you for retail employers. These employers are normally retail stores that we as South Africans already know about. 

These stores are:

  • ShopRite
  • CTM
  • Usave
  • Checkers 
  • Sleepmasters
  • Buildit and many more retail stores

This company also has other learnerships in different areas such as Administration, Business, IT etc… if you are interested on a retail learnership it might be best for you to grab the chance now while applications are still opened.

Apply: RelatED Learnership Application  

04. Bophelo Pele  

This company is more of a retail staffing agency with many years of experience in this field. Focusing on training and providing youth with employers within the retail sector. They also offer internships hosted by employers or their clients.

Located in Johannesburg/Germiston 

To apply go to https://www.bathopelefmcg.co.za/services 


What to Expect: Here’s a rundown of what happens next:

  1. Expect an SMS invitation for a pre-training assessment test.
  2. Once an available Learnership matches your profile, and you meet the requirements, you’ll be placed accordingly.

Important Note: Please keep the following in mind:

  • Submit your application exclusively through the provided form. Applications sent via email directly to staff members or the [email protected] email won’t be considered.
  • Only those who complete the form below will be assessed.

Apply: Training Force Learnerships Applications Form 

06. Transcend

Transcend is one of the best accredited learnership providers so far online, it has a range of learnership programmes that you can choose from. Covering learnerships in industries like Retail, Marketing, Business, IT and many other programmes you can choose from.

Apply: Transcend Learnership Application 2024

How to Find Legit Wholesale and Retail Learnerships in 2024

When searching for Wholesale and Retail Learnerships, it’s essential to ensure that the opportunities are legitimate and comprehensive. Here are some tips to help you find reputable learnerships:

1. Research Accredited Training Providers

Begin by researching accredited training providers that offer Wholesale and Retail Learnerships. Ensure that the providers are registered with the relevant governing bodies to guarantee the legitimacy and quality of the program.

2. Understand the Program Structure

Take the time to understand the structure of the learnership program, including the duration, learning outcomes, and the opportunities for practical experience. A well-structured program will offer a balance between theoretical learning and hands-on application.

3. Seek Genuine Testimonials

Look for genuine testimonials from previous learners who have completed the program. Their insights can provide valuable information regarding the effectiveness and credibility of the learnership.

4. Verify Employment Opportunities

Inquire about the potential for employment opportunities upon completion of the learnership. Reputable programs often have partnerships with industry-leading companies, increasing the likelihood of securing employment post-qualification.


In Conclusion

The Wholesale and Retail sector offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals seeking to kickstart their careers or progress in the industry. With Wholesale and Retail Learnerships in 2024, you have the chance to gain a valuable qualification using only your Matric or Grade 10, acquire practical work experience, and earn a salary while doing so. When embarking on your search for a learnership, prioritize thorough research and ensure that the program aligns with your career goals and aspirations. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can set yourself on a path towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the Wholesale and Retail sector.

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