Why is it important to collect DNA?

Normalize taking DNA

Guy’s please beware of handball kids. You might be raising kids which doesn’t belong to you.

it’s a heartbreaking story I have came across this past weekend.

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My friend took his life because he has been raising a child for 22 years. He raised that boy, took him to expensive schools & varsity, they were very close.

Suddenly the father came out from prison last week and demanded to see his child.

The lady told my friend that the child is not his after all he can leave.

She broke up with my guy just In front of the real father. And later I got a call that my friend drove under the truck and he died instantly, few hours after that drama.

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DNA evidence is one of the most powerful tools available for solving crimes. By comparing the DNA found at a crime scene with the DNA of potential suspects, investigators can often identify the perpetrator with great accuracy.

Why is it important to collect DNA?

DNA evidence is incredibly powerful and can often be the key to solving a crime. No two people have the same DNA, so if there is a match between the DNA found at a crime scene and a specific person, that person is likely the perpetrator. However, if there is no match,

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